As executive director of human resources for Aetna, Tanya Taupier works closely with other members of the insurance giant’s senior leadership team to formulate and implement human capital strategies that will advance the company’s goals and objectives. Since accepting the position in 2010, she has accomplished several major objectives, including engagement improvement and a critical employee retention plan that arrested a growing turnover rate. Tanya Taupier also led her team of HR professionals to facilitate the career growth and talent mobility of professionals and others throughout the organization.

Tanya Taupier earned her BS in human resources while she was working as an HR manager for the multinational automation firm ABB. She graduated magna cum laude from Western New England University. After earning her master’s degree in project management from the George Washington University School of Business, she went into business on her own as a human capital consultant. In this role, Taupier worked with numerous clients in such areas as talent management and workforce effectiveness, leadership coaching, and organizational design, development, and performance management.

When she is not pursuing her professional obligations, Tanya Taupier enjoys numerous activities and hobbies with her family. She strives to keep her family’s diet gluten and GMO free and enjoys devising and cooking healthy meals. Taupier’s exercise and fitness regimen includes cross-training, horseback riding, and hiking, and she relaxes by meditating and reading books on art history.